Monday, May 17, 2010

When Dentist Numb Teeth.?

when the dentist is about to numb a tooth, the poke the needle in the gums right? not actually in the tooth? i have a root canal today and when the dentist told me i needed a root canal, on thursday, i was cool about it, i wasnt that nervous, but now after reading all the experiences of other people, i scared to death. please tell me its not going to hurt, my dentist seems like a nice person.

When Dentist Numb Teeth.?
First, yes, the dentist will inject the gingival area around the tooth, not the tooth itself. He will also first apply a topical anesthetic so that you don't feel the injections as much.

Second, root canals these days are really no big deal. I understand your aprehention though. I'm a Dental Assistant, needed two root canals, and was scared. However, it was one of the most pain free dental procedures I've had. I was only sore for a few days and Advil took care of it. It didn't hurt at all, was just a little sore. It's really not a big deal like it used to be. Technology has come a long way. You'll be fine.
Reply:he wipes gum flavour gell first an it nums it a little and as long as you dont try to bite the dentists finger of he will slide the needle in your mouth i had it done loads of times, the worst part is after it syays numb for about 2 hours! theres nutin to wurry about
Reply:They put a little gel on a cotton bud to numb the gum then they put a needle in to make the numb last then they sort it out, nothing to worry about.
Reply:There are certain nerves that the dentists aims for when he freezes you in the mouth. Quite often, dentists will put a topical cream on the intended injection sites to make it more tolerable. If you are frozen adequately, you shouldn't feel pain, only movement, or pressure (not painful pressure). If it still hurts a bit, let the dentist know that you need more freezing. Usually, the dentist will test the area of work, with something soft, before she proceeds. Root canals have a reputation of being painful, but that reputation is antiquated. It's usually a very tolerable procedure these days. Good luck.
Reply:They do not stick the needle in the tooth. Your upper teeth have nerves above each tooth so they give you the injection above the tooth. Your lower teeth have one nerve for each side and they would give you the injection in the back of your mouth and that is why the whole side gets numb.

Root canals have come a long way and they are not as bad as they use to be. Most dentists do them in 2 visits. The first visit they will remove the decay and clean out the canal with little files that they use to remove the nerve and the files also measure how long the canal is. The files get a little thicker as they continue to clean out the canal. Once they get the correct measurement they will put a little piece of cotton with some medicine in it inside the tooth and put a temporary filling in. On your second visit they will remove the filling and the cotton and continue using the files to shape the canal. Once they are done doing that they will then fill the canal with a material called Gutta Percha which is a small rubber point that they cement inside the canal to seal it. Then they will put a filling back in your tooth and you are done with the root canal. You should the have a crown done to protect the tooth. When you take the nerve of a tooth out the tooth becomes very brittle and it can break easier.

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