Saturday, May 15, 2010

Help! dentist ruined my teeth?

my last dentist i had braces with for 4 years, after him finally taking them off i can say they have been worse than they were before.

this dentist has screwed up so many people's mouths and many people complain about him. however since i had braces still on at the time no other dentists would take me until he took them off. we did not find out until later that he was not even a liscensed orthodontist.

when he took the braces off he used a small razor thing to scrape at my teeth. since him doing this, i now have permanent white spots all over my teeth (not tartar or calcium buildups) and wherever he scraped my teeth in my back molders i think im now getting cavities from. i am very angry because i dont think i needed braces to start with, and my teeth are now even more uneven and look worse. what would you reccomend? ive tried everything to get these white spots off but i think theyre permanent. help!

Help! dentist ruined my teeth?
If you have a complaint about your dentist, you should contact your state's dental board -they are in charge of handling complaints and monitoring licensure. Look it up on the internet, or call some gov't offices in your state; they can direct you to the right number.

Basically, if you ask to have braces off, they HAVE to take them off.

Now, I HAVE seen some dentists screw things up, so I'm not here to defend this guy. However, if you have braces on for four years, it's not unusual to have the white, chalky areas on your teeth - these aren't decay (tho' they CAN lead to decay) they're called decalcification. They result from demineralization caused by acids in your mouth.

It's POSSIBLE that maybe you didn't have ideal oral hygiene while you had the braces - i'm not saying you're a slacker; i'm just saying it , it doens't sound like this office is one where they take the time to explain the importance of this.

The way to fix them would be to get veneers (expensive!) or composite fillings ("bonding" - less expensive) over the white spots. You cannot bleach them out.

let me kno wif you have any other questions! good luck, and keep brushing...oh, and use a fluoride rinse like ACT - that will help keep those weakened areas stronger.
Reply:hmm, maybe go get them cleaned by a proffesional dentist, or you could try crestol white strips ( if i spelt that right) sorry to hear about your teeth! Good luck, hope this helps!
Reply:why would you go to a dentist that isn't even licensed?? that is illegal! you can sue him you know. get all your money back and more. and the way he took off your braces is not the proper way, so the stains could be from that.
Reply:those white spots are most likely from poor cleaning when you had the braces on. maybe also because they were on for a long time (4 years). they should go away over time.

also, you dont have to be a licensed orthodonist to put braces on someone. any general dentist is allowed to do it.
Reply:those white spots were caused by your poor oral hygiene while you had your braces on. you probably just didn't notice them that first day. there is no instrument that i'm aware of that can change the color of your teeth just by touching them. even the drill won't turn your teeth white.

this is your own fault and you are trying to blame someone else. and no, they aren't going to come off. you are going to need significant dental work to repair the damage that you did.
Reply:I'm not defending the dentist who did your work and he certainly may have not done an excellent job, but the "scraping" he did on the anterior and molar teeth" couldn't have caused decay" to “develop,” or the white spots to “appear.” He was removing the cement that held the braces on your teeth this is a normal process, some of us use a high speed hand piece to remove this. He would have to have removed many layers of enamel to reach the dentin causing it to show through. Although this process wouldn’t cause “white spots” to appear on your teeth. The much darker or “yellowish dentin” along with indentations from where this enamel was removed, would be present. Since you say they are all over the teeth, it could be one of two things; fluorosis, from ingestion of excessive fluoride during development of the permanent dentition prior to eruption, or demineralization, caused from by the excessive plaque on your teeth, or poor oral hygiene during your orthodontic treatment. If fluorosis, it would have been there prior to placement of orthodontic treatment on the permanent teeth.

As for the decay on the molar, the scraping didn't cause the decay. The lack of sufficient oral hygiene and most likely, regular cleaning caused this. The regular cleaning during your orthodontic treatment would have caught any areas the bands might have become loose or leaking and also any decay under or around the margins of the tissue area of these banded teeth.

Additionally, if you were in orthodontic treatment for “four years” you must have needed the treatment badly. There are some cases that take longer than this, although the patients are usually ecstatic and want their teeth to be corrected. So, I doubt seriously that orthodontics caused your dental problem to be worse now than what it was initially. I am more inclined to believe that it was your lack of sufficient oral hygiene and compliance that has caused the decalcification and the molar decay along with not completing the orthodontic treatment. You can call it as you like, from what I’ve “read” here, any dentist will “see” and be able to tell from the condition of your teeth and tissue what the truth is. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but we see patients with similar complaints often. No one likes to take the blame but they will always have the guilt. I’m sure that your dentist has every appointment recorded along with the ones missed, noting your oral hygiene and possibly, your noncompliance in your permanent record. I hate that this has happened to you, but sometimes patients are just too young to initiate orthodontic treatment. When this happens with our patients, we remove them rather than run the risk of the problems that you are experiencing now. So, the only advice I can give you is to listen to your dentist, he really does know what is best for your dental health. Good luck!
Reply:Here's what to do:

1. Go to this dentist, get all his office notes on you and any

x rays he took.

If they ask why you want them, tell them you need them for

your medical-dental insurance so you can get reimbursed

for the monies that were paid to him for removal etc.

2. Then go to an attorney who specializes in malpractice and sue. This is a $100,000-$250,000 case. He will direct you what to do. Just dont mention to the culprit dentist that you intend to sue.

And going to dental boards will give you no relief, not

dental relief, not emotional relief. These boards are composed of dentists who will side with the dentist you are complaining against, and you will get nothing from such experience except delay in suing.

3. Dont let those records and x rays get out of your hands. Put them in a safety deposit box after you give your attorney the copies.
Reply:get a lawyer and make him pay to have someone else fix them and do it right.
Reply:dont be a moron and try to sue a dentist for your own lack of personal hygiene. youll only end up embarrassed in court when they prove you wrong.


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